Distant Realms: A Collection of Short Fiction

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Worlds of Fantasy and Wonder

Twenty thousand light-years from Earth, an anthropologist explores the legends of a forgotten colony.

The night before the world’s end, two old lovers seek reconciliation and healing.

An ordinary man is dragged into a land of swords and sorcery, where he is gifted with the powers of a god … or a demon.

In the midst of the Cold War, two high-flying heroes wrestle with duty, prejudice, and the hidden truths of their own lives.

DISTANT REALMS collects thirteen works of speculative fiction by Chris Lester, creator of the award-winning Metamor City story universe. These stories cross worlds as diverse and broad as imagination itself, from the far future to ancient woods where forbidden gods still hold sway. Here are tales of science fiction, fantasy, and cosmic horror, of heroism and rebellion, of loves lost and found … but above all, tales of humanity and hope.

(75,260 words, 246 pages)

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