Divine Intervention (Metamor City #4)

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When the gods walk the earth, the whole world feels their footsteps…

For countless centuries, the Gods of Heaven and the Gods of Shadow struggled for control over the hearts and minds of the mortal races. They inspired religions, started wars, sponsored rulers, and even traveled to the material plane to sire children. A treaty between them set the limits of their interference in mortal affairs, and the enchanted castle of Metamor Keep was their accorded neutral ground.

Thirteen hundred years ago, the treaty was shattered. Lord Kammoloth, the King of Heaven, had fathered the Starchild, Merai hin’Dana: a half-mortal girl with the power to steal the divine essence of the gods themselves. But rather than fulfill her prophesied destiny and destroy the Gods of Shadow, Merai rejected both sides of the Pantheon, stealing their power and casting them to earth. To ensure that this power would never be abused, Merai then gave it to Lady Kyia, the spirit of Metamor Keep, to protect the mortal inhabitants she was sworn to serve.

Today, Metamor has become a huge and prosperous city, and Kyia rules a vast empire with wisdom and justice. But the gods still walk the earth, pursuing their own agendas, wooing and manipulating mortals to serve their own ends.

These are their stories.

Divine Intervention collects seven stories from the world of Metamor City:

  • Cleanup on Skyway 3
  • The Cuckoo
  • To Walk in Shadow
  • Divide by Zero
  • Missing Pieces
  • The Three Graces
  • Just Coffee

This volume also contains the original foreword “Screw Destiny: Faith and Fate in the World of Metamor,” and fourteen new flash-fiction pieces.

(109,380 words; audiobook, e-book and trade paperback)

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