Honor Bound (House of Bellvue #1)

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Honor hin’Bellvue always thought of herself as a good girl. The only daughter of a country baron, she grew up with a keen understanding of her responsibilities in high society—responsibilities that her infamous mother had forsaken, when she abandoned her child and husband for a foreign lover. After that scandal it took years for House Bellvue to rebuild its reputation, and the duty to uphold her family’s good name is one that weighs heavily on young Honor’s shoulders.

But on the eve of the Debutantes’ Ball—her first appearance in Imperial society as an adult—Honor receives a gift from her estranged mother: a mysterious amulet that may be under an enchantment … or a curse. Whether due to magic or her own burgeoning sexuality, Honor finds herself grappling with alarming new feelings and desires: to be dominated; to be controlled; to submit herself to another woman.

Into Honor’s suddenly-disrupted world steps Natasha Volkova. Tall, blonde, and powerful, a veteran of the trenches in a brutal world war, Natasha now struggles to adjust to civilian life. Metamor City and its ruling elites are baffling to her, but they do pay well, and that’s more than she can say for her homeland. Natasha soothes the scars of war with hard drinking and beautiful women, but she still feels very much alone. Now a guard for the prestigious House Hassan, Natasha is working security for the Ball when she encounters the tiny and innocent Honor. A misunderstanding throws together these women from two very different worlds … and sparks a passion that neither expected.

But such a liaison carries serious risks. Metamor society is highly stratified, and Honor’s submission to a social inferior would bring shame on her family if it were discovered. Far safer for Honor to pursue a courtship with one of her peers: someone like Alix hin’Townsend, a bright and charismatic house scion with big plans for Metamor’s future. Alix and Honor get along splendidly, and Honor’s father approves of the match … but still, Honor finds herself craving Natasha’s commanding touch. Can she find a way to balance her desires with her duties? Or will she follow in her mother’s footsteps, and drag the House of Bellvue once more into disrepute?

HONOR BOUND is the first book in THE HOUSE OF BELLVUE, a three-part lesbian romance with a happy ending at the conclusion of Book Three. The books include a variety of queer relationships, and fantasy elements and D/s themes are central to the story.

“THE HOUSE OF BELLVUE is a sizzling ff fantasy with a plot that will keep you turning pages. Natasha and Honor have plenty of chemistry from their opening scene, and the story is full of charming secondary characters, witty banter, and superb world-building. Anyone seeking fantasy romance centered on ladies will want to pick this one up.” –A. H. Lee, author of THE KNIGHT AND THE NECROMANCER

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