Honor Reclaimed (House of Bellvue #3)

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Honor hin’Bellvue, a young lady from a minor noble house, has found her life changing in ways she never could have expected. Her companion and bodyguard, Natasha Volkova, is a powerful sexual dominant who has awakened Honor’s need for submission and service. Their new friend Alix, a noble scion and asexual romantic, may offer the perfect chance for them to continue their “arrangement” under a cover of social respectability. And by joining a new women’s rights movement among Metamor’s nobility, Honor is staking a claim for control over her own destiny.

But the push for progress often provokes a backlash, and Honor and Natasha soon find themselves caught in the crossfire. Eager to prove herself to her new allies, Honor goes on a fact-finding mission deep in enemy territory. There she uncovers a sinister plot to roll back the Progressives’ cause by any means necessary—and the only person she can look to for help is her greatest rival.

Meanwhile, Natasha joins Alix in their quest to help the Empire’s military veterans, millions of whom are scarred in mind and body after the recent war. But Natasha’s own hands are far from bloodless, and when an old foe exposes the sins of her past, it threatens to ruin her reputation and drive her away from the woman she loves.

Besieged by enemies new and old, Honor and Natasha face the ultimate test of the bond that unites them. Both women must forge new alliances, and find new reserves of strength and courage within themselves, to forge a better future for themselves … and for each other.

HONOR RECLAIMED is Book 3 of THE HOUSE OF BELLVUE, a lesbian fantasy romance with D/s themes.

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