Honor Tested (House of Bellvue #2)

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Honor hin’Bellvue is a young lady from a minor noble house—with a newly-discovered submissive streak that aches to be satisfied. Natasha Volkova is an army veteran, a commoner, a foreigner—and a sexual dominant, whose commanding persona can reduce Honor to a quivering puddle of need. Thrown together by a twist of fate, these two very different women surprised and delighted each other with their unexpected liaison—but they never thought it would be more than a fling. Honor is expected to marry another member of the nobility, and the horrors of war have left Natasha ill-equipped to make lasting emotional attachments.

But everything changed when Honor’s father hired Natasha to be her companion and bodyguard. Now that they’re stuck with one another, the women must decide what to do about it—and whether the benefits of continuing their “arrangement” outweigh the risks of getting caught.

Meanwhile, Honor is moving ahead with a courtship better suited to her station. Alix hin’Townsend is the scion of a noble house, a charismatic dreamer with big ideas for the Empire’s future. As an androgyne—a shapeshifter who can take on male or female attributes at will—Alix could satisfy Honor’s need for a feminine partner while also meeting society’s expectations that a noblewoman should bear children. But as their relationship deepens, Honor begins to question whether she and Alix even want the same things.

Honor’s situation is further complicated by the involvement of Alix’s mother, who is deeply enmeshed in a growing struggle for women’s rights. Keeping the Townsends happy could mean putting herself into the middle of a political firestorm—one that has the risk of exposing Honor and Natasha’s forbidden love.

HONOR TESTED is the second book in THE HOUSE OF BELLVUE, a lesbian fantasy romance with D/s themes.

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