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Making the Cut (Novels of Metamor City, #1)

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Making the Cut ebook cover webAll Daniel Sharabi wanted was a family of his own. Born into a collectivist society of telepaths, Daniel grew up believing that he and his lifelong love Rebecca would form the core of a new breeding cell, helping to raise the next generation of their people. But when Daniel reaches adulthood, and learns that his psychic talents are mediocre at best, he finds himself marginalized and discounted by the society he has dedicated his young life to.

All Brian Sommers wanted was to raise his family in peace. After five years of service in the Empire’s elite Psi Ops Division, Brian and his polyamorous partners were granted permission by the Psi Collective to form a new breeding cell. But when an old enemy threatens the security of the Collective, Brian finds himself being drawn back into a world of espionage, paranoia and covert action.

Now these two men, longtime friends driven apart by Collective politics, become entangled in a web of threats, lies and deadly secrets. Both will risk everything to prove their worth to the community they love – and neither will emerge unchanged.

“Making the Cut” is the first full-length novel in the world of Metamor City. It was released as a full-cast audio production on The Metamor City Podcast between December 2007 and May 2009. It won the 2009 Parsec Award for Outstanding Audio Drama (Long Form), and has been heard by over 20,000 listeners around the world.

(190,780 words — podcast, print, and e-book)

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