Things Unseen (Metamor City #3)

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A missing heiress. An unseen killer. A shameful secret. And a detective running out of time…

Lt. Kathryn Kitaen, a detective of Magic Affairs for the Metamor City Police Department, is not having her best day. An unidentified body has turned up in her streets, burned from the inside out by unknown magic. A powerful wizard has erased the evidence at the crime scene. The commander of a powerful paramilitary organization wants to pick a fight over jurisdiction. And to top it all off, the Empire’s top spymaster wants her to find his missing daughter: a spoiled and decadent heiress who’s infamous for sparking scandal and controversy wherever she goes. 

Together with her partner, the Elven life-mage David Silverleaf, Kate must expose a conspiracy of silence in the highest ranks of the Empire’s nobility: a web of lies that has already claimed one life, and threatens to take more. To get to the truth — to protect the city she loves — Kate will have to unravel a mystery that has baffled the Empire for a generation … a mystery that began in a magic-filled jungle on the other side of the world… 

 THINGS UNSEEN is the first full-length novel in a new story arc set in the world of Metamor City.

(142,930 words; audiobook, trade paperback and e-book)

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“Things Unseen will wrap you in a world of magic and science you won’t want to leave. Lester has packed his story with characters you won’t forget, concepts that will have you thinking long after the book is done, and enough noir to placate even the most rabid hardboiled fan.”

–Philippa Ballantine, author of HARBINGER and KINDRED & WINGS

“Great story! Lots of wonderful humor and some fantastic action sequences.”

–Abigail Hilton, author of THE GUILD OF THE COWRY CATCHERS

“I resented everything that took me away from this book, including going to the toilet. It’s rich, it’s leveled. it’s funny. It’s people. It’s events. It’s honesty. It’s lies. It’s a Russian nesting doll.”