Big Publishing and the threat of real competition

David Gaughran has put out a brilliantly clear post about why Big Publishing is so concerned about “discoverability” in online sales.

So when large publishers say that the discoverability puzzle hasn’t been solved online, they are really expressing despair at retailers recommending books not published by them.

And when large publishers say that online retailers haven’t matched the experience of buying in physical stores, they mean that they wish there was some way to relegate all that stuff from small publishers and self-publishers to the warehouse, and have tables piled high with James Patterson and Snooki.

Thanks to social media and sites like Goodreads, readers really don’t have a problem finding new authors they might like.  The only reason Big Publishing thinks there’s a problem with “discoverability” is because little guys like us are eating into their market share.

In addition to his blog, David’s site has some good advice for self-publishing authors about cover design, formatting and marketing.


Birth of a small press


Almost two years after our first e-books were released, Liminal Corvid Press at last has its own home on the web.

It was a long and winding road to get here. LCP was born out of the need for a publishing house to release the stories of The Metamor City Podcast in e-book form. For the first year or so, it was sufficient to promote the new press and its titles through the Metamor City blog and its affiliated social media groups. LCP existed as little more than a name.

But the world of publishing is changing rapidly, and LCP is changing with it. Print-on-demand has moved from being a tiny niche market, with high print costs and poor quality output, to a legitimate alternative to the Big Six. Through partnership with CreateSpace, LCP is able to bring quality printed books to the consumer at a competitive price – not just on Amazon, but at bookstores around the world.

In the coming years, LCP is expanding to encompass more authors and more worlds outside Metamor City.  We look forward to stretching your imagination in new and exciting directions!